LED F160

LED F160: broncolor’s vision of light shaping becomes reality

With the new LED F160, broncolor has succeeded in combining several ground-breaking features in one device, allowing photographers to produce photo and video shots in one go – without compromising on compatibility with the extensive broncolor range of light shapers.

The broncolor LED F160 is a high-quality, compact and durable LED lamp for professional and demanding users. The LED F160 proves to be a reliable companion especially in product and portrait photography, where it is able to impressively demonstrate its strengths. The rugged housing and ergonomic design of the LED F160 fit seamlessly into the photographer’s workflow and enable versatile work. There are no limits to the creative possibilities both for photos and videos.

The high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of the LED F160, which has an average value of 97, deserves special mention. At 5500 K this even as high as 99 – an excellent result that illustrates the high demands placed on an LED lamp. The colour rendering thus corresponds to the same specifications established by broncolor as a reliable standard for flash photography.

For the first time it is now possible to use an LED lamp together with the various light shapers from the broncolor product range. Thanks to the popular broncolor bayonet, the light shapers can be mounted directly and varied as required. With the LED F160, broncolor sets new standards in compatibility and light shaping.

The LED F160 was designed as point light source and is therefore the first LED lamp that allows the precise forming and shaping of light. The lamp’s unique design is very similar to a point light source and can be focused in the light shaper, thus allowing very precise light guiding. The diffusion element has the same light characteristics as the broncolor flash units. This means that the user can use the LED lamp in the same way as a flash unit and rely on the trusted broncolor quality.

Innovative functions such as the integration into the broncolor bronControl App solution underline the premium character of this product and enable precision work and an optimised workflow.

The LED F160 is available at RM6998 from Broncolor Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Please email mybroncolor@gmail.com

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