Walkstool Comfort comes in four different sitting heights and offers big rubber feet and a seat of mesh material, making it possible to sit comfortably for extensive periods of time. Watch demo.

Walkstool 45

Height: 45cm/18 in

Weight: 825 g/29 oz

Load: 200 kg/440 Ibs

Seat: 35 cm/14 in

Walkstool 55

Height: 55cm/22 in

Weight: 900 g/32 oz

Load: 225 kg/495 Ibs

Seat: 37.5 cm/15 in

Walkstool 65

Height: 65cm/26 in

Weight: 975 g/34 oz

Load: 250 kg/550 Ibs

Seat: 40 cm/16 in